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Curriculum Vitae - Constantinos Spanomanolis

Forward - Personal Statement



This C.V. is divided into three distinct sections, A, B and C.

Section A

is a concise form of the C.V., intended to assist the reader in getting a quick and
preliminary idea of my background and experience.
Readers only interested in a brief account may stop at the end of this section.

Section B

is a rather detailed exposition of my involvement in Managerial, Research (Basic and Applied), Technical, Organisational and many other activities.

Its length prompts me to ask for the reader's understanding; my intention was to put on paper, as thoroughly and as easy to understand as possible, nearly three decades of very intense activity in the interface between science, technology and business; an activity inextricably linked to the history of the corporations mentioned in the text. Recurrence to some detail was, therefore, imperative.

Information presented is by no means exhaustive. I have tried to choose the parts I considered more important and worth mentioning.

The section is written in third person, following the established method of C.V. presentation.

Section C

is a collection of non-critical piece of information, which, however, may prove itself useful to some.


The purpose of presenting this C.V. is the search for an appropriate cooperation with an Organisation, Firm, Teaching or Research Institution, seeking the services of a person having a 25-year long experience in management, including a 6-year long direct involvement in full-time scientific and technological research.

I declare the information given in this C.V. to be true and correct to the best of my ability and presented in good faith. Eventual questions and requests for clarifications will be made welcome and will receive my attention.

Finally, I wish to thank all those who already have or intend to pay attention this C.V.

Costas Spanomanolis